Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Birth Day - Dafiya Zulaikha Bt Shahrul Hisham

As i post this entry,it is 38 days today since my second daughter, Dafiya Zulaikha was born and only today i could find the right time to blog about it. All these while i've been spending my time in the bedroom 'macam orang betul2 berpantang' but once in awhile ade jugak la surf internet..itu pun ber Facebook via mobile. I got no laptop with me and x kuasa nak sitting for few hours in front of the computer and thats the reason why i didn't post any story lately..alright,move on!

Thursday,October 11,2012 


Its been 10 days passed since my last working day and its already 40 weeks but the baby haven't show any signs of coming out. Tak macam Delisya dulu, 37 weeks dah keluar. Anyway, that evening my hubby and i went to the bakery shop to look for birthday cake for my bff, Ayu and celebrate her birthday which falls on the day before. On the way to her house, i felt uneasy and little contraction but it comes every 20 minutes. I told my hubby and he said maybe the time has come so relax..i took a deep breathe and we arrived safely at Ayu's house.While we waited for her mother and hubby to come, i noticed the pain comes more frequent like every 5 minutes. That moment i know this is it - real contraction!


I decided to go to the hospital right away so ape lagi, he drove off macam orang gile bawak kereta. I guess he's afraid if i were to give birth in the car kot! I noticed Delisya gabra and wanted to cry in the backseat seeing me fought with the pain and melalak straight after his daddy took me out to the delivery room while she waited in the car.* Thank God we managed to pack the hospital + baby bags a day before.


The moment i arrived, we were led to the labor room and I got changed into a labor outfit. The nurse checked whatever it was that needed checking and did the Cardiotocography (CTG). I was already 5cm dilated. Another 5cm to go, which i thought it will be a few more hours. i kept on reciting Al-Ma’thurat while waiting for the next thing to happen.


I was 7cm dilated and the contractions were stronger than everrr! Contractions came every 2 minutes like tidal waves and I could not concentrate on my breathing anymore. I felt a slight leakage. My waters have broken. The midwife came in. I was fully dilated now. I told her I feel like taking a dump and she said it was time to push. So I pushed with all my might and boy it felt soooo gooood, I could do it all day! The pain went away instantly. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right (bcoz seriously macam meneran nak buang air besar jer) but the midwife kept on saying“Okay bagus, push lagi.. Dah nampak rambut baby… lagi sikit…jgn give up..teran habiss” and after a few big pushes, out came the baby’s head!


Dafiya Zulaikha was born! 
Another girl in the family ya'll! Alhamdulillah i was so relief everything was fine except for the few stitches that need to be done which driving me nuts!! I was really grateful to Allah for making this easy for me and i even cried when the nurse put her on my chest right after the umbilical cord was cut coz i didn't cry when Delisya was born 2 years ago! i guess that time i'm still shocked and too happy that i finally became a mother ;-)

I didn't sleep that night by the way. My body was in total pain and even tho i hav lost all my energy during the labor process. But that didn't make me feel sleepy coz i was too happy kot to see my new baby. And hell yes, i miss Delisya a lotttt! 

I was discharge the day after but the nurse asked to wait since they need to scan my belly coz i was suspected to have ovarian cyst during my pregnancy. But then when they scanned, the cyst gone! I wonder why also but then kuasa Tuhan..mungkin jugak itu pembawakan hormon masa pregnant i guess..whatever it is, im glad there's no operation needed and semua selamat both mommy and baby...

Im now a proud mother with two daughters :-D
* Delisya Az Zahra & Dafiya Zulaikha ... Thank You Allah!!