My Bucket List

in no particular order.

  • having my own boutique / bakery shop
  • learn to speak french or spanish
  • bungee jump anywhere in the world
  • swim with the dolphins or turtles
  • win something 
  • get on tv/paper
  • curled up my hair like bitch
  • get an american / british accent
  • meet 100 new people a year
  • honeymoon in Hawaii
  • having a library in my house
  • learn to cook
  • married with the man of my dreams
  • travel to the 8 wonders of the world
  • having a baby girl
  • adopt a pet
  • learn to play drums
  • graduate high school
  • get a Degree in Masscomm
  • learn to write left handed
  • be an “extra” in a movie
  • lives in Italy
  • work in a prestige company
  • meet Aaron Aziz
  • experience an earthquake
  • learn sign language
  • 'girls only' vacation
  • learn origami
  • ride on a Star Cruise
  • get a free plane ticket
  • ghost someone
  • kill a lizard / frog with a special gun
  • join a protest
  • get 26" back after gave birth
  • going to Disneyland with my kids 

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