Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life Update


Just another week before im off for holiday in Kuching. Not sure what my boss decision whether i'll be on unpaid leave or paid leave (sebab 2 weeks). Whatever it is, tickets and hotel all have been booked already. Barang je belum pack. Man..i wish i could skip that part coz it's the most difficult things to do! Even my own stuff pun dah cukup pening, tambah pulak lagi dengan my kids stuff..Papa never having that difficulties no matter where he go for outstation even for a long term. Flight pukul 8pm, still boleh packing an hour before pergi airport! How easy was that??

Anyway yesterday we went to Nilai 3 to look for something for our 'abg angkat' la in Sarawak named Abg Ibrahim. He's such a nice guy that we ever knew. Such a stranger in the beginning when we ronda2 Pasar Satok last year to buy ikan terubuk. So we bought few fish from him,sembang2 then he offered to take us jalan2 Kuching. Of course we were reluctant sebab dia tengah kerja and dont want to trouble him but he insist jugak. Cut the story short, he bought so many stuff for us to bring back here and nak hantar balik hotel and even offered to send us to airport! Since everything has been arranged for us, we had to say no to him lah. 

And last month he just courier ikan terubuk masin lagi for us. I gave some to mama and friends, last 2 week when papa pergi sana pun dia kirim lagi 10 ekor bawak balik. He refuse to take any cents from us..Sometimes tak sedap jugak coz asyik makan budi orang kan but he's seriously kind hearted people coz he never expect anything in return.  He aware that we'll be there next week and although we already booked a hotel for that two weeks, awal2 dia dah bagi tahu penginapan dan kereta for us to use dah disediakan..can u imagine?

Thank you Allah sebab ketemukan kami dengan orang yang baik2..

Today Dafiya is turning to 8 months and Delisya 2 tahun 10 bulan

Delisya had growned up quite fast than we're expected. She's now can pee on her own in the toilet. Berak je tak berani nak bagitahu but the process will take time. Banyak kali jugak im motivating myself and papa to be more patient and never give up. Alhamdulillah she's such a smart and brilliant girl Cuma biasalah part throwing tantrums tu once in a while. Ada kudrat, aku layankan je. Time tak kuasa, melalak la hang sorang2..dah penat,tau la dia diam. Kids bukan boleh dibagi muka sangat. Nanti kita pulak jadi hamba diorang.

Dafiya on the other hand, lasak bukan main. Khasiat susu ibu i guess. Super duper uber strong i tell u! She's now in the process of crawling. Tapi lebih pada menyusur macam soldier. Her feet can stand as if she's ready to crawl but when she's making a move, jatuh balik and it goes on and on. Tak penat2 pulak tu. The most likeable thing for her is memanjat atas orang. Dont care whoever she saw laying depan tv, she'll crawl and panjat just to be on top of people's body. Heh so cute..she knows she's adorable that we'll hug and kiss her again and again..Bab makan takyah cakap, sumbat je ape pun and banyak mana pun she'll never stop or puke back. This is quite contrary dengan Delisya when she's on her age. long as my daughters sihat sejahtera, nothing that worries me..

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