Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Baby

Last night i had a very wonderful dream again.. I dreamt of my baby where i could see transparently in my stomach how beautiful he/she is..kening and mata just like papa,muka bulat and mintak i took him/her out and pakaikan die baju,timang2 die..and its a BOY!hehee funny when i thought it was a girl..

I know it sounds ridiculous but its just a dream kan..but i am so excited sampai bile terjaga,rase sedih je coz its a dream rupenye..takpelah..just wait for the time to come la..=(( im happy when the moment i wrote this blog,the baby's keep on kicking from inside and im wonder wht he's/she's doing right now..u know i just cant wait to see you my dear..i love u so much!!

I wonder u will look like me or like ur papa i love to see my tummy beralun2 bile baby mngeliat or do some movement..OMG y am i so overexcited ek?its like im the only one in this world pulak yg mengandung..haisshh sounds irritating kan???

Baju2 baby sume dah ready..cume yg takde set berpantang mama je lg..the rest all cot sayang mama dah pasang siap2 lg..papa pun makin tak sabar2 nak sambut baby..atuk ngn nenek takyah ckpla..nak pulak ni cucu sulung dlm both family..=)))

Anyway still thinking about your name....