Friday, August 20, 2010

So Much For My Happy Ending

Well,today is the day im going to be with my hubby again..yeayy!! now is 0930 another 6 hrs to go..we both dont have to live seperately anymore.. tho i havent pack my stuff yet but i know it wont take too long to do it. Since papa start keje kat PD bulan 6 hari tu,i feel lonely sgt..sib baik Ayu ade untuk teman..but thats just for two months before she resign.. So i've been staying alone for a month while nak tggu cuti bersalin nak sampai.. Everyday doing the same routine..get up in the morning,gi keje,balik beli lauk kat bazar Ramadhan,baring2 while tggu waktu berbuka,buka puasa sorang2 depan TV,smyg,tido.......mcm hidup bujang and takde sape2 je rase.. and now i dont have to go thru all that anymore!! coz after this i'll be with my hubby day and night kecuali time die gi keje je..

Of course dalam tempoh berpantang i'll be at my mum's house in Bandar Sunggala..Raya tahun ni tak payah tanye belah sape..automatically kat PD sbb berpantang kat PD ^_^!! My older brother will get married pada 10.10.10 so that day also will be the day for Kenduri Cukur Jambul for my child insyaAllah..still have time to prepare for it. Cume raya tahun ni duk dalam bilik jela..orang lain pakai lawa2,makan sodap2..den berkain batik berstokin bagai,mngadap ubat2 herba yg kurang enak baunya..haishhh takpela..janji ade baby by my side..tu dah cukup bahagia for me=)

Mesti ramai yg datang bertamu kat umah nnti specially utk raya and nak tgk baby..gotta prepare a lot of things specially kuih raya and Mom,take note-my frens all coming so masak sodap2 eyh..
Well what else i can tell??Umm apart of all this, im happy actually dapat tinggalkan keje kat Pan Pacific tu and get a long nice holiday and concentrate on my baby now and then.. i wonder will i be able to be a good mom to my child later..of course i will kan! being a housewife like get up in the morning,prepare breakfast for my hubby before he go to work,playing with baby,doing housework,ptg tunggu papa balik keje and have dinner together..weekend pegi jalan2..OMG cant wait for that moment to come soon~yess!!
Still thinking the baby's name...