Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well its been a long time..
There is so much things I wanted to write in here these few days..been thinking about this and that while im driving, while im in class, while im eating, while im chit chatting n most of the time,my head kept working all day and nite thinking about too many things that happen everyday lately.. Busy with may be interesting or it could be a boring subject to talk about..gone thru few of my frens blog and most of them keep on mnegeluh about study..penat kan..i know..only God know..kite sume same..we experience the same thing guys..what makes it different is how we handle one say final semester is okay..i do wonder,nape i stress sgt padahal itu mmg bnda yg student akan hadapi bila blajar..

Well..guys..if u feel tired,others might feel tired as well..honestly i kept telling my best friend,Niza and Amanda about the negative aura that i felt in me lately..u knw..i dont knw..enufla...i dont knw whether i shall type it here or not..takut if people offended..thank God i have someone who i can talk to and share few things about anything..anything..about the workload, i do feel stress tp at first i ok with it.byk asgmnt n projek specially when u're the one of the committee member yg handle the project.burden right?frankly,its not the task that make me feel stress,but friends that make me stress.. the work can be easy n smooth if we have cooperation from the rest.kite same2 byk keje,same2 penat,tp do we have to be selfish? first,i mintak maaf if my words wat sesape terasa,i tak tujukan to anyone but if u guys read,pls think logically,is it fair?i mean, keje group tp few person je yg wat keje,tp markah we'll get equal.ok lets not talk about marks here.just look at this side-friends-..ppl said frens are the one who stand with us thru good times and bad times.5 semester is enough for me to know who's my real friend is..we can call anyone our fren but do they rili our fren during tough time?i hate it when i already like that person and suddenly ade conflict. senang nk same2 tp bile susah,lari..why cant they consider a bit bout others feeling?we never betray them,we never hurt them intentionally, we never take advantage on them but why cant they appreciate us as fren like what we did?TAKING ADVANTAGE TO PEOPLE is no good my fren...BEAR IN MIND EVERYONE..pls la..just becoz they treat you good n being nice to u,doesnt mean u can be selfish..think..
If i wanted to be selfish as well i might do so long long time ago..i dont give a fuck!what do i care?but i always think ape yg i buat tu buat org lain sakit hati or mnyusahkan dowang..i dont want ppl to have bad impression on me coz hari2 kite jmpe dlm class.its not good to feel that way.mmburukkan lg bnda yg dh sedia buruk.. Penat dh nak sakit hati..its just make me older..dhla muke aku ni pun nmpak tua..again harm..just my my friends,Niza and Amanda,thanks for being my friend..the rest pun kawan i jgk hehe (jgn kck ati coz i din mntioned u guys name here)=P
Nway,just wanna wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA to everyone..
Have a good holiday..

Have fun with family..
Have a safe journey during raya..