Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Past Thought

This is something else from my personal blog that I wrote down. It is sort of peculiar for me to read now. After I wrote down all of my negative thoughts, I started looking at everyone in a different way. I noticed that they were negative also, or so it seemed, but it just wasn't affecting them in the same way. I felt at this point that I couldn't be around anyone negative. I was really trying to change, and it felt like everyone's negativity was bringing me down.
This is when I was not only fighting the worst anxiety that I ever experienced, but the worst feelings of depression also. I read this now and realize that there are a lot of positive people around me, and at that time I was just perceiving everything as negative. Now, I try to see the positive in people who are very negative. Well, here it is. I am on a mission searching the world for a positive person. I wish I could find someone that was positive.
I don't feel like the people around me are very positive. Everywhere you go people are down and negative. People always seem to be focused on everything that is wrong in their life. I will always remember that life is good, and maybe someday I will find that positive person. Yes..