Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Speak up or Silent?

If only la we knew kan for certain how people were going to react b4 we speak, our lives would b so mch less complicated isn’t? Well guys, I hve to admit a few days ago I got myself in trouble with someone on thoughts 4 speaking up when I should hve just left things alone, and 4 dat I apologize...=(
Sometimes its like we can't stop ourselves from speaking even when we know better. Don't get me wrong k, I mean there are many times when we need to speak up especially if someone’s life could be at risk or if we have important information that is needed to help someone for instance. (Mcm dlm YouTube,ppl assume MassComm students don’t know when to stop when they are talking,always talk,talk,talk,talk)But the majority of the time is those small nagging issues that get us in the most trouble. Believe it or not it's the small issues that break up most families and relationship.
All of us have the power to lift people up or destroy them with our words, so I learned that we need to be careful and choose wisely when to speak. Kdg2,nak ckp srba salah,tak ckp pun salah..Ppl say some thing are better left unsaid tp bile tak ckp, org takkan tau..Susahnye..God.. plz help me to speak with love and compassion , using the right words at the right time that will make a difference in someones life. Please help me and give me wisdom to know when to speak and when to be silent…Sigh..


  1. We should speak if we need to speak, we should think before we want to speak. Sometimes be silent show you are good rather you speak illustrated how stupid you are.

  2. woww...
    its so damn true la...
    agree sgt...

    serba slh kann...
    ckp slh, x ckp pn slh...

    as for me...
    as long as am tellin d real thing n doesn't cause any harm on others.. who cares..
    (ko pun tau betapa vocal nyer aku kann???)huhuhu

    cz in life, we cannot please everybody...
    its impossible to do so!!
    so, jaga as much as we can jer..
    the rest, leave it to god hands..
    dats d best u cn do..

    to those yg suka nk terasa tu,
    change k..
    it is so unfair to accept ur words, but u didn't do d same thing to others..think!!!


  3. kay kalu dh bckp mmg xtau mcmana cara nk brenti..hahaha..

    emm..i agree wth abg setia...think b4 we speak not speak then only think abt sometimes xsemua org ble accept apa yg kt ckp...

  4. husna....
    somebody said that ur face mcm Alicia Keys...em,im not so lets cmpare...hahaeE

  5. huhhuu mira...somebody tue kenal ke x alicia keys? jauh pangang dari api :p

  6. You can say whatever you want to say. Speak out your mind. If you refused to say what you want to say than you tortured yourself.

    Perhaps people will feel unpleasant of what you going to say.But who cares they don't even pay for your lunch.Just be yourself.

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  7. it is all up to u to speak or not in a certain time..
    and it also depend on the situation at that time..

  8. whats makes u to be a good speaker is trying to be a good thinker...

  9. do u know wen is d best time 2 speak? it is d time wen we NEED 2 speak!