Wednesday, August 13, 2008

..::Ain't Tired::..

I’m exhausted…. Sometimes we know certain stuff in mind but when those things in mind is thrown at your face, well. I’ll be stunned for a while.

Since the question has been thrown to me, and even though I was stunned, at that point - to the max, I have re-emphasized that I will not give up... never!! It has been for so long. To give up… isn’t difficult at all. In fact, that is the most convenient action to take. But I choose to stand firm in faith here, believing things will change eventually. The change could be on you, on me, or on anyone involved. Regardless of what it is, I know that Allah is around and will tide me through together. If certain things are to happen in my life, I believe in living it out as a learning phase. All of us need to be honed toned in a certain manner to survive through greater challenges in life - we can’t see but God can. We should never try to compare because there isn’t a standard level of measurement to this thing called LIFE. God knows our limits. If you are ever the subject of being pushed, you should take it as a pinch of salt and learn well.

Sometimes, I call it “PAIN”. After reflection, I call it reminder. If it takes 10 times to learn through something, then we got to brace ourselves to go through it 10 times. If you are taking things as a pinch of salt, at the end of the 10 times, you will still be in one piece.

Met up with someone yesterday, and we chat into the strangest thing you can never imagine. Things can just happen the way it is at times. Just got to make sure you are ready for it. So, be firm now if you are losing ground. At times we got to be broken so that we can be shaped up for the challenge.

Life is full of uncertainty…stress…choices that we have to make and face.... just like the old times I learned from my mum... we have to make choices to move on... time heals all pain and blah blah blah.....

I always look back the past and I always miss the past... I know.. you guys sure say, that's the past.. Why you want to look back? move on!!! but then........ No matter the pains and the happy moments, all become sweet memories... I bet everyone also right?

Now... problems come again.... (Who don’t have problem jek?) well, I should say I’m letting myself to become like this... need to work, study and also stress about my life.. Moneys and everything... sigh... moneys....... there's always not enough for me... Maybe I’m a person who really don’t know how to appreciate my own life... always wants more... Wants better...Sigh.. =.=

Then, studies' stress comes up... assignment is getting more and more.. Due dates is nearer and nearer… and i have no clue what should i do. I’m afraid to ask and not used to this environment. My friend did say that final semester sure like this..tho u not used to it, just have to do it slowly... but then.. How can I do slowly?????? There are so many due dates on September. I should say every assignment due on that month. Sigh…

In this moment, this 2 things is making me worry... and I’m also afraid I will fail my studies and unable to continue my studies. Sobs…
Oh god…
What can I do to reduce all my worries and stress... ( i know blogging is wasting my time.... =.= )

Spend less, do your homework and happy go lucky. I know.. This is the solution... but damn it!!..... i still can’t do it… I can’t.. I can’t… I can’t!!!( complain again kan... sigh.. never gonna change this stupid attitude)

Anyway.... i just wanna put all my worries at here... at least i can "talk" to my "blog" haha.. sounds like im a crazy person... dunno.. maybe i am.. since i got so so so many things need to be done...... life is super tough.. and i wanna be happy go lucky person. but too bad, i cant. sad case huh~

Before ending this stupid complains... HUSNA! chaiyok!chaiyok! you can finish your assignment!!!!!!!!!


  1. actually what u are today is a result of your past action. No matter wut u wish to be in your future is depends on ur present actions. u are responsible 4 what u are, no matter u wish what yourself to be. u have the power to make urself. so create the best in you.. =)

  2. i dont like to read, dats y i'm not finish readg ur blog yet huhu una, dont ever feel regret in wat we've done. there will be t rewards for all difficulties...n 2 b honest, i'm happy 2 know u. evendo we didnt have chance to know each other better, i know u r a good person. my advise is, be focus in what u want achieve n dont ever drifted away from the track. gud luck sweety!