Saturday, August 9, 2008


Ever had a friend that always seems to be in competition with you? It's never been spoken about but you just know that deep inside, the person is trying their hardest to come up on top. I know a few people that are like this since im in high school lg... 

I don't understand the whole thing. I mean, I have found people to compete over friends, material things (i.e. clothes, purses, make up, etc.), family members, boyfriends, and the list goes on and on. Who cares what you're mom said about this and about that. It doesn't necessarily mean it's right. Who cares if your child went to this college over that college? Gosh I don't see what the point in all that unnecessary drama. Can someone tell me? If I find that someone is trying to compete with me about something, I just roll my eyes and laugh inside. It's almost flattering you're THAT jealous I have something going on that you might not, but seriously, what grade are we in? I don't care what you have and if you have something I like, I am going to compliment you. (Unless you are fishing for a compliment.) I can't stand when people expect you to compliment them...when they do I just ignore it and never dish it out. 

I will give you a compliment because I WANT to give you one, not because YOU want me to. So back to the topic at hand, do you have a friend who is always trying to compete with you?


  1. i have this one particular girl back in my high school year.. i don't know either she's trying to compete me or not, or if she do compete me, does it in the positive way or not..

    but deep inside of me, i felt that.. yes!!! she do competed me in the nastiest way..

    she always humiliated me.. she kept comparing her fair complextion with my dark complextion,boastfully said that she got UPM while i in Uitm(what's wrong with Uitm), she's taking law well im masscommites (and again,why), she have car and i have public bus.. hu.. i can spend whole year talking about thiz girl competition..

    im trying so hard to make sure that, what im wearing, what i do and what i have will not make other people felt offended..but some people felt free to show create unhealty competition if the thing that they show is damn annoying..

  2. competitor?? i don't give a damn 'bout anybody.. so nobody wont be my competitor..