Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All Cops Are B*****

Location: The main road leading to Section 13 from Section 7,Shah Alam, 10.15am. I was driving at that time when I noticed a police patrol car at a T-junction waiting to enter the main road. When I was about four metres away, the cop suddenly darted out into my path. I applied my brakes and managed to avoid hitting the police car.
Damn it..I would understand if it was an ordinary motorist as we are familiar with their bad driving habits but this was a COP, who is supposed to set an example for motorists! A quick glance at my rearview mirror showed there were no car behind me, meaning that he could have waited for me to pass isn’t? Top ranking officials, from the authorities on road safety and inspector general of police, have always reminded Malaysian motorists of the need, among others, to be courteous when driving and whatnot. I think the IGP should also extend this reminder to his charges.
The bad driving attitude of the policeman at the wheel was something I could not accept! This is especially so since police are going all out to catch errant motorists. I wonder if its okay to honk at him, gesture him to stop at the road shoulder and politely give him a piece of my mind. That I shall never know. But if it is okay, I might just do it the next time I come across a similar incident with a cop at a wheel…ACAB!


  1. cops just a human being.. sometimes make a stupid things too.. but when some people dunwanna change from their own bad attitudes, that's what malay people said - BANGANG NAK MAMPUS! LOL

  2. geram td ade org amik parking aku!dh bg signal nk reverse pun still curi gak!!!babi pnye org!kuang ajo..rase nk langgar je keter die smpai melekat dlm dinding!!pastu pg td ade bdk masscom gak pompuan bwk kete cm babi gak gi takeover keter aku n himpit smata2 nk masuk gate uitm!!lg skali aku pk nk hentam je keter die dr blakang.sib baik aku waras lg....GERAMNYE!!!!!!!!taknak jd driver lg...wahai housemate ku...blaja la bwk keter akuuu.....