Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hit the bad drivers hard!!!

Many people die on the roads because of road accidents caused, more often than not, by careless drivers. Even if they are booked, they are not bothered as they can pay the fines. They act like the king of the roads!
You can always see these drivers who drive in a zig-zag manner and cause fear in other drivers. Lorry and bus drivers drive on the fast lane for instance.

Having road traffic campaigns is not the way to solve the problem. In foreign countries, when a driver makes a mistake, he is caught immediately and given a ticket. The offending driver must pay the fine, attend a day’s traffic lesson, and then explain how and why he made the mistake. Then, he has to promise not to make another mistake or else he has to pay a higher fine and pay higher car insurance.

People fear getting involved in accidents or beating the lights. They are aware of the speed limits and fear losing their freedom to drive. So when they drive, they keep some distance away from other vehicles, keep to their lane and do not hop lanes as they wish.

In Malaysia, drivers love to tailgate others. They use neon light which blind other road users but nobody stops them. They also like to do a U-turn or get into corner without giving a signal. Sometimes we can clearly see they use the emergency lane just because they don’t want to get into the traffic jam. Motorcyclist drive in between cars as they wish. And sometimes they did not use the lane provided for motorcycle. Why not observe these drivers who ignore the law through closed-circuit television cameras??

Bad drivers must be sent to attend courses and fined heavily. We should also make it difficult for new drivers to get licenses. And if they make mistakes, it should be cancelled immediately and they must start all over again. This may sound drastic but if nothing is done, Malaysian roads will always be killing fields.

Motorbikes should be taken off the main roads and highways. The very old cars should be taken off the roads. The implementation of the law has to be tightened. Ordinary members of the public should be able to report bad drivers with proof. Passenger in buses must be able to report if the driver not following the rules.


  1. The issue now is that there is no strict enforcement. Ideas can be implemented like for example handing drivers penalty points and when they reach a limit they cannot drive until they do something like retake a test, appeal or even pay the fine. But if the law enforcement does not enforce these rules then there is no point. So yes it would be great to punish these drivers heavily or send them for courses to drive properly but it comes down to the enforcers whether they want to do the right thing and enforce the law for these errant drivers. hope this helps ;)

  2. Yup, it's a jungle out there, thousands of speed cameras, but hundreds of thousands of relatively un-policed road-miles. Time for us road users, pedestrians and drivers to report abuses - not the low-level errors that we all inadvertently make as part of life - but more flagrant abuse, careless, dangerous driving, speeding through the same built-up area each day, cutting-up, tailgating, illegal / unsafe vehicles, driving without tax or insurance, drink / drug driving, etc - we all see it everyday but few report it - time to report it to each other and let's build a transparent database that Police can check their records against, making our roads a safer place. Peace!

  3. yes,agree!hit them back!

  4. Agree! I wish there are laws which can dump they outside of the country.

  5. Good suggestion but not easy to implement. To change the driver attitude is not simple like you change your cloth.

  6. Knock on wood girl. No matter how hard the issue is pressed, there are still people out there who thinks that they are kings of the road. Present company excluded.

    It is the culture here that plays a major contributing factor to the road issues. Men and women alike have bigger balls than sense. The bigger the car the smaller the brain... etc. I can give you all the puns and its all the same.

    P/s: Write something more fun la... enjoy your blog rather than making it such a chore.