Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Im Now 30 Weeks Pregnant!

On the to-do list for the coming weeks, I still have to…
  • Get the playroom setup. (I know baby won’t need a playroom, but it is a small room at my house that will have all the toys that don’t fit in the nursery, the playpen, toys for nephew and other kids, etc. – kind of a necessity, especially once I go back to work.)
  • Finish the baby shopping (including the rest of our cloth diapers, infant medications, and some other stuff).
  • Pre-register at the hospital. (Yeah, I know, I totally should have that done already – but I spent weeks looking for their phone number to schedule an appointment, only to find out that I don’t need one! Stupid hospital… LOL! I may be doing it tonight, if hubby gets home early enough.)
  • Finish shopping for the home birth supplies. (Not much left on that list, just a lot of the disposable stuff and some old towels.)
That is pretty much it, then we’re done!
So, how am I doing?
How far along?
30 weeks today!

Total weight gain/loss:
No idea. I stopped keeping track on the Wii Fit completely. All I know is that at my last midwife appointment, I had *finally* gone above my pre-pregnancy weight – which the midwife was very happy about!

Maternity clothes?
Of course! The problem is, it all looks lke 'makcik' to me..but i have few..keep rotating it every once in awhile..=p

Stretch marks?
Not that obvious, although apparently they aren’t that noticeable from what friends and family say. I notice them though, so I’ve been using stretch mark cream to get rid of them.

Good! Kicks aren’t waking me up anymore. I get up to pee about 3 times at night, BUT I wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. Those iron supplements that the midwife prescribed are really helping.

Constant. She just doesn’t stop! People have a good time sitting across the room, watching my belly roll around… They think its hilarious! I wonder when it’s going to calm down a little bit so I can rest! For some reason, her kicking so much just makes me feel like I’m doing dozens of crunches every day.

Food cravings?
Lots and lots of veggies + chocolates! Mmmmm…

Labor Signs?
Belly Button in or out? It actually depends on her position. Sometimes in, sometimes almost all the way out. Still visible through my clothes when it is out, though.

What I am looking forward to?
Playing in the pool this weekend, and camping next holiday for our anniversary! YEAH!

Weekly Wisdom?
If you do a Kegel or two every time you pee, you won’t have wet yourself by the time you hit 33 weeks! Of course, that may change from this point on, but I’m very proud of not having wet myself yet!