Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Baru lepas muntah lepas 5 minit makan sekeping roti planta.. I tought the sickness already finish after the first trimester hari tu but i guess i was wrong.. Tak puas rasenye bile dah makan, naik loya and muntah balik segala isi perut.. ~sigh~

They still put me on a night shift.. Suppose i shouldn't be on a night shift anymore.. Im so dissapointed..i understand the fact that they are lack of staff these days and no senior to cover every shift. Its like i dont have any option to take.. Seriously when im working on a night shift, feel very very week..noxious..tired and fuckin sleepy.. Since school im not that type of person who able to stay up in the middle of the night. Time kat Uitm pun, wlpn esok ade exam and my frens struggling buat revision, i had to close my book n sleep..ape nk jd esok jadilah..

But then its different in a working world.. the responsibilities is became smthng tht i cant resist at all.. mybe the differences is becoz im working to gain money and when im stdying, i dnt think about anythng else..so it has become a burden for me to do smthg that i hate to.. especially when i get pregnant..God knows what it feels like...

Im sorry for saying this but i actually dont have any interest in working at Pan Pacific anymore... i hate my job..i hate evrythng..i just wanna quit that job and stay at home until i gave birth.. after that then i can start to find another job... but u knw guys..there are certain thing that not all of u can understand.. i feel sorry for myself..

Sedih sebab keje sebaik cmne skalipun,do the management appreciates us?? NO..we are just a normal staff who supposed to do our job accordingly..nothing more than that. i've seen a lot of staff who resign and their name terus dilupakan just like that!! just like that... apelah guna pengorbanan and contribution dorang kat company dulu if its end up cmtu je..i guess that's life...