Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking Things For Granted..

I started to feel bored already with my job and i hate this feeling i had. Mule2 dulu im happy with my job,yela keje senang..pening pale je tp tak stress gile. Habis today,start a new one tomorrow,not like some office work yg kena drag today's work to tomorrow and the day onwards.

2nd months im here as a part timer,my boss offer to be a permanent staff with a good offer which i never dream off. Accidently there was a mistake done by the Director and had to amend the salary offered. I was upset and decided not to accept the offer.My reason senang nak chow and get better offer at other place. Dorang pujuk punye pujuk i agreed dgn syarat i nak salary yg die offer mule2 and they agreed..ahahahaa i bet they like my work thats y dorang OK je. Guys,i bukan nak ckp bagus tp im showing good attitude here coz my dad owes pesan keje dgn ikhlas no matter what positions im in...

So few years gone by,i dh mula rase tak happy coz i feel like people surrounding me is taking things for granted. Im saying this becoz since im here,i started to organize things systematically,eg like briefing sheet yg management bwk meeting everyday,informations that should be update at notice board,dll contohnye,serabut i tgk so manage it ikut cara i but once i do it,the next time they expect me lg utk buat padahal staf lain boleh je buat! WHY ME?

Bnda paling i bengang hari tu info board.Here they always buat competition cam department mane paling bagus decorate their notice board. My boss assigned me to do it. Thats fine. I take out my own money that costs me around 60+ without claiming back (coz i've lost few of the receipt). And thats fine again. But sad part is no one's willing to volunteer to help. Semua malas nak mampos. That stupid thing have'nt been update since past 6 mnth!! So im doing it alone. After 1 month ade la sorang staff ni pegi teared up the whole thing i buat and replace dgn info which i think bloody stupid and nonsense!Plus buruk giler!! Can u imagine,6 month nobody wants to do it and suddenly bile i buat,tibe2 ade orang rajin nak continue my work?? All my efforts gone down to drain and thats really fucked man!! Dahla duit habis,buat sorang2 and tibe2 kena replace? I merajuk n pulangkan key notice board to my boss n said straight to his face "i'm done with it,i tak suke keje i tak dihargai and nxt time,pls ask anyone but ME." he just said "OK i understand" yelah die pun tau sape yg replace my work..

Another thing staff2 kat sini kadang2 annoyed me so much.Im sorry im complaining too much bout others tp i dh bosan dgn kerenah masing2 kat sini. Sume ade pe'el sendiri. Cume dua orang je kat dept ni yg i ok skit bile keje dgn dorang sbb tak mnyusahkan orang,settlekan any pending job before balik,settle their own problem without drag anyone,and ok la..the rest cant settle their own problem and always leaving pending job n tak pasal2 org lain kene follow up..

Teringat balik mase internship kat MAB dulu, data analysis and statistic i was asked to implement new format and manage summary closing for every month. That's fine.tho i get nothing from it but im proud MAB follow my way of doing it since i first start organizing it. Then feedback form for Kuala Lumpur International Airport, i yg drafted and designed it and 2 was chosen by the boss to proceed with the printing and at the end tak dpt name pun. That s fine. For me it is such a big honour to designed a feedback form for KLIA and luckily i get an A for my training. MYbe Tuhan bagi ganjaran kat situ la..Alhamdullilah..

I just wanted to express today yg i dah bosan dgn working environment..i want to continue study and be in campus life forever..being with friends,having fun and enjoy my teenage life to the fulllest..but im gonna graduate next month,get my degree and working,married and have a family....if only i could stop time from moving..