Thursday, June 25, 2009

Absence Part II..

Theres so much things i wish i could express here but i just dont know where to start..

When i heard the news today that Apit was gone, i hardly cant believe it so i opened up his profile and saw many ppl send condolence so its true that he's gone forever...Innalillah wainnalillahiroji'un..semoga rohnya aman dan ditempatkan dikalangan org2 yg beriman.. today im on a night shift but the news make me feel so damn sad n couldnt concentrate on anything..i know all my colleagues realized there's a teardrops in my eyes.i couldnt lie so i just said fren's passed away.
Its like too fast..its just feels like yesterday i talked to him over the phone and tho the conversation was just only few minutes.He forgot my birthday so i called up and he appologize coz he's forgot..i still remember every single word we had when he knew im engaged..he said tak sempat Apit nak masuk minang,dah ade org cop dulu..rugi je kumpul duit.. i dont know whether he's just joking or what coz im just assumed mmg character die suke bergurau with everyone..
I never thought we can be closed coz he's just only my senior in campus..i remembered knowing him since Part 1,we just talk but we got along too fast n mesra cm dh lame kenal. I guess its becoz we both from utara,slalu gurau2,lepak2,buat asgmnt together like others did so thats y terase sgt die dh takde..its hard to explain how kind he is sbb smua pertolongan die still fresh in my mind. Pertolongan yg plg byk mase nak buat Government PR punye asgmnt and Thesis Part 5..boleh kate 70% die yg tolong..Apit u just helped me a lot till i got good gred u know..Thanks to u..all u asking was just having dinner or hanging out with u but i always giving excuses coz its kinda late when u always asked me out specially exam lau ingt2 blk, im happy each time we were together..patutla pit byk kawan..sbb apit slalu buat org happy n senang nak dekat..everybody know how kind u are.tak penah una dgr apit ade musuh ke,tak puas ati ngn sape2 ke..
If only una sempat mintak maaf dgn apit for all d things i've done wrong to u..if only una sempat jumpe apit sblm apit pergi but i have to redha..Maaf Pit..may u rest in peace there..una akan ingat Apit smpai bile2..i know im gonna miss u...thanks for being my best buddy...