Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As days goes by, I started to feel unhappy and annoyed by people surrounding me at my workplace… I don’t know if it is a mutual feeling when you first time entered working environment or what. Before this pun I pernah brkerja its just that tak permanent la, just doing part time isi masa lapang. So as part of completing my study, I have to do practical training and gain experience as much as I can before I start a real work in future.
My first week here quite okay..i don’t feel the tense because im quite comfortable with my job here. I don’t expect much and I feel grateful working here coz byk advantage keje kat giant company camni.. but people said setiap kebaikan mesti ade keburukan..
Maybe this is not my place..maybe I don’t belong here coz I never felt happy.. I know I love working in the Hotel Industry and this is my first time keje kat Airlines Industry surrounded by people who are majority is Malay and I don’t feel comfy.. I guess it’s a normal thing bile company tu majority nye satu kaum je, pe’el nye cmtu je..
Let say from topic PAKAIAN. Most people here byk makcik2 and younger people might as well dah kawin and become matang jgk dlm usia yg agak muda so automatically their behaviour pun cm ‘matang’.. I pulak freehair so dorang jadikan bahan la budak practical nie..sexay..sexay pale otak dorang la padahal since day one aku tak penah pkai baju ‘SEXAY’ tu. Biase la hari2 gi keje pakai Slack,kemeja lgn pnjg or 3 quarter or sometimes baju kurung or kebaya..is that what you define ‘SEXAY’??? what kind of kampong mentality they have here???? U cant expect everyone to wear tudung and baju kurung everyday rite? We are who we are! I boleh je lau nak brlitup mcm dorang, be in their group and all coz I don’t have troubles getting along with people but I don’t like to be hypocrite coz I’ve seen looooooooooottttsss of people working here regardless of any department pakai je tudung tapi…faham2 jelah ye..lebih baik buka tudung,pakai sexay tp hati tak busuk drpd cover luar tp dlm busuk baik kim salam je…tak tujukan kat sesape..just luahan.. like I said, I don’t have any enemy okay…
Honestly speaking I lebih selesa berada di sekeliling kaum yg pelbagai bangsa drpd surrounded by MALAY je..bukan tak sedar diri tp otak jd sempit mcm dlm lubang ular..tak brkembang and tambah dosa je malah cepat jadi tua sbb byk makan hati… orang nak mengata tentang saye, suka hati dorang coz mulut org mmg suka mngata cume asalkan saya tak dengar takpela.. Coz if I know who is talking bad about me, I tend to hate that person easily..lebih baik saye tak tau sape yg mngata coz I will treat everyone equally…

I don’t like being here… its not work that make me sad but it’s the surrounding….